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AVMLA Members Resources

Welcome to the Member Resources page. If you have a question or require information not provided here, please contact AVMLA.


Due to the COVID-19, AVMLA is working to transition this year's Annual Meeting/Conference to a Virtual setting. Please watch for additional details to be announced.

Member Directory

AVMLA Member Benefits & Directory Resource

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Corporate Sponsors and Partners Information

Continuing Education Resources

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AVMLA News Brief 

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Organizational Resource Links


Election Information

Section 2. Nominations

2a. A district director shall be elected for a term of three (3) years by members of the district. The Board shall devise a plan whereby not more than forty percent (40%) of such directors shall retire in any one year. No director may serve more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms.

2b. Nomination will be conducted by mail ballot. The executive director shall mail nomination forms before the annual meeting to the districts in which the directors’ terms expire.

2c. A candidate for district director shall reside in the district to be represented. Candidates may nominate themselves.

2d. Nominations must be returned to the executive director. The nominees receiving the two highest totals of nominations shall be placed on the ballot, subject to their consent to serve. If at the close of the period designated by the Board for nominations to be made there are not two or more nominees, the Board may appoint additional nominees, subject to their consent to serve.


Section 2. Nominations

2a. The Board shall, in appropriate years, prepare a slate with a minimum of two candidates for the offices of secretary-treasurer. The slate for office of president-elect shall contain a minimum of one candidate. Such candidates shall be individually approved by a plurality of the Board.

2b. The membership may, in appropriate years, nominate candidates for the office of secretary-treasurer, through the following petition process:

  1. A petition of candidacy shall be received by the Executive Director at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting; and

  2. The petition shall contain the signatures of members from at least three (3) districts and equal to or greater than 10% of the total membership as of December 31 of the receding year.

  3. The Executive Director shall add the petitioned candidate to the appropriate slate of candidates proposed by the Board upon verification that the requirements for signature number, residency and authenticity have been met.

Legal Research

Use the following on-line resources to find free opinions, filings, statutes, regulations and other legal research.

Pacer: U.S. District Court opinions and filings (fee)

US Federal Courts: Sites

Oyez: U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments, briefs, opinions (includes audio for some arguments)

Justia Federal Court Filings: Federal Court filings and docket

Findlaw: Limited free caselaw

Free Case Law: Free version of FastCase

Librarians’ Society of Washington, D.C.: State legislature and regulatory websites; congressional activity, legislative history and research guides

American Law Sources On-line: (U.S., Canada and Mexico) State court decisions, legislation, regulations, court rules, rules of professional conduct, executive orders, local laws and more

AVMA Reference Materials: Assorted resources covering federal legislation, federal courts and federal agencies

Legislative Resources

State Legislatures

State Legislatures Currently in Session

State Veterinary Practice Acts and Administrative Rules – Veterinarians

Carryover Dates for State Bills

Effective Dates for State Bills

State Election Information


Federal Legislation

Federal Bill Tracker

Federal Agencies


Member List Use & Privacy Policy​

The AVMLA Member List (List) is copyright protected by the AVMLA and the AVMLA asserts full rights to the List. The List and its contents are proprietary products of AVMLA. The contents of the List may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced, copied, disseminated, entered into a computer database, used as part of or in connection with any mailing list, or otherwise utilized, in any form or manner or by any means, except for an AVMLA member’s individual, personal and confidential reference. The List is not intended for use as a marketing tool to solicit AVMLA members to participate in any ventures for or not for profit.

The AVMLA does not offer the List for sale or rent to outside parties. Should the occasion arise, the AVMLA may provide the List to a third party, with whom the AVMLA has entered into a contractual relationship, in order to carry out functions essential to the operation of AVMLA.

AVMLA members may decline to have their contact information published in the List by submitting such request in writing to the AVMLA Executive Director, or by indicating such on the annual membership renewal form.

The AVMLA member information contained in the List indicate only that such Members are in good standing with respect to their AVMLA membership. AVMLA does not endorse these members nor does it make representations, warranties or guarantees as to, and assumes no responsibility for, the products or services provided by these members. AVMLA expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use or performance of the products or services provided by AVMLA members.

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